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ROI that keeps growing! We are artists that understand the importance of sustainable business. When you support the musiSHEans community just once, you can receive returns for a lifetime. Read more to know how.


Members Online

By September 2019, we will have 5M+ members on our online channels and social platforms. Check out our execution road map and some really influencial people who are helping us spread the word globally.


Supporters Offline

We are in the process of connecting with over 1 million fans through live concerts of our people's network. It's one thing to gain online followers, but it's a totally different ballgame to personally interact with the right audience.


Badass Female Guitarists

We are in the process of identifying some real badass female guitarists across the globe. We are searching through the smallest countries like Bangladesh to the giants like US and the most musical cities identified by the UNESCO.


We will run weekly and monthly online contests and one yearly offline competition
to select the best female guitar players from various categories.

musiSHEan of the Week

Followers can share female guitarist videos with the hashtag  #musisheans and every week we will select a winner who gets featured on our social platforms 

Video Wars

Before our annual award function, female guitarists will compete by submitting their best music to our YouTube channel so the jury and our community can shortlist 5 performers who get to play at musiSHEan of the Year Competition

musiSHEan of the Month

Followers tag @musisheans and share videos of their favourite female guitarists and the community votes and chooses the musiSHEan of the Month

musiSHEan of the Year

Based on the votes of the community and a jury from the Video Wars, the final round of the contest will be a live performance of each chosen participant to determine who will be awarded as the musiSHEan of the Year


a red carpet award function where popular musicians will present the awards and celebrate the growing participation of women in the music industry


We track down outstanding female guitarists throughout the year via our contests, concerts, local events and community lead programs.


We host an annual award function specifically to felicitate the ladies in the music industry across all genres and instruments and let their talent get the recognition it deserves.


The musiSHEan award empowers the hard working musical women and gives upcoming generations female role models to look up to.

 more details coming soon


This quarterly event will be just like an open stage but with a mixed gender ratio of performers. Although this will not be limited to only guitarists, we will still get to discover and share great content on with our musiSHEans community members.

We have identified the 3 pilot cities where we we will introduce equal stage (Dresden, Berlin & Amsterdam) because we have a strong personal network in these cities and there are many women performers in these cities already.


There are many other lifetime returns that you can get when you get associated with the musiSHEans community.

Shared Revenues

Money for money - when we make profits via our merchendise or concert ticket sales etc., we will share a percentage from our profits with you based on your sponsorship category.

Community Insights

Imagine getting to recognise a niche community of listeners who are interested in guitar music and potential buyers of musical instruments and potential musically talented endorsees.

Video Promotions

Get your brand right in front of our niche musical audience. You can appear in our video episodes either as a sponsor or as a guest appearance or a mention, based on your preference.

Announcement Tour

Be part of our 30 city Euro tour in autumn 2019 on our artist Tshirts, printed banners, tickets, video promotions, stage backdrops or exhibition stalls. Our musical supporters will support you.


All the sponsorship slabs will entitle you to be with us during all of our tours, contests, awards & ad campaigns actively for 18 months.
But we'll keep giving you grateful credits for lifetime.


  • If you see the value but don't have the budgets yet, this is a perfect way to join hands. You will get frequent mentions on:
  • musiSHEan Website
  •  Facbook Page
  • Instagram Stories
  • YouTube Video Credits
  • Free concert tickets


  • You can help us achieve our immediate goals and get your name with us wherever we travel.
  • All the benefits from supporter slab +
  • Logo in Events
  • Promoted Articles
  • Social Page Shares
  • Video Intro Spot
  • Highlighted Branding
  • Share your content on our pages
  • Partner in Announcement Tour


  • When you support us, our entire community supports you back. Bigger & Better! 
  • All the benefits from the gold slab +
  • Press Releases
  • Exhibition stalls
  • Merchendise Branding
  • Paid Promotions
  • Radio Mentions
  • Sharing through our Influencer Network


  • Your brand presents • Your name will lead our name wherever we go.
  • All the benefits from the co-sponsor slab +
  • Full Radio Interview
  • Full YouTube episode with one of our world class artists
  • Frequent mentions in hightraffic partner pages
  • Newspaper Advertisements

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