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W H A T   W E   A C T U A L L Y   D O

CURATE - a listeners' community

We collect a special set of listeners who appreciate music not based on the musician's gender or visual appeal but purely for their musical talent.

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IDENTIFY - badass female guitarists

Most of our day goes into discovering exceptionally talented female guitarists who deserve to be heard for their musicianship. If you are (or know) a female guitarist:

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CONNECT - the listeners and ladies

We let our listeners discover talented musiSHEans via broadcasts, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook channels. Additionally the artists can get recognised for their hard work via our:

Contests and Award functions.

MOVEMENT - at grassroots level

Everybody wants gender equality, but only a few are actually working on it. We are playing our part in the music industry by getting more female guitarists on stage, motivating young girls to pick up the guitar and helping local female musicians perform at various:

musiSHEans Concerts!

W H O   W E   A R E

We are musicians at heart, changemakers by choice and most importantly humans by nature!

Karlijn Langendijk

Karlijn's music is not just happy or sad - she composes all the intricate shades of emotions that people feel really intensly but cannot communicate in words.

Vivek Advani

This serial entrepreneur practices everything from music to dancing to design to filming to magic tricks - but he prefers to call himself just a storyteller! 

Judith Beckedorf

Judith is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, mandolin, banjo & sings in various genres. She has toured in and across Europe as well as the US.


We have tried to answer some questions here that people usually ask us. But if you have any other questions, feel free to write to us on 

We celebrate the women in music industry. We want to empower every female musician to be able to grow further from whatever their current stage is. We ourselves are guitarists so our current focus is to empower only female guitarists but we see ourselves helping not just female guitarists but female musicians from all genres and instruments. Oh your question - yes we are called musiSHEans because ah ahem musicians + SHE? Got it?

No and Yes! We are musicalists, if that makes any sense ☮
We just believe that there are many female guitar players who aren't discovered for their musical talent and we are doing everything to bring them to light. We have hundreds of male guitarists as well in our personal playlists. We love music and music does not have a gender.

You are right! 3 people cannot change the biased that has been going on for centuries. That's why we need you :) We are not hungry for money, we are hungry for togetherness. If you join us in making this community sustainable, help us discover awesome female guitarists and keep us in your conversations. Together we can make this big dream a reality in a matter of months.

You can help us actively or even passively without doing anything!
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Welcome to the family!

If you love music in any way and believe in our philosophy that music doesn't have a gender, we would love to invite you to our musiSHEans family. As our family member, you will receive exclusive videos of badass female guitarists and collaboration videos of some boys and girls killing it on their guitars. Are you in?

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